Events of 2007

4th Annual Green Building Expo – Thursday, Sept. 13th, 2007 – Agenda | Photos
Edison Materials Technology Center1st Ohio Summit on Supply Chain Opportunities in Alternative Energy – June 19-20, 2007at the National Composite Center, Dayton Ohio
CGBF Quarterly Brown Bag Lunch Program: – Feb. 21, 2007InView: Nationwide & Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Youth Development Center on OSU Campus.Bill McCleery, 4-H center”s development officer, gave the project overview and status.
Green Affordable Housing Charrette! – Feb. 10, 2007CGBF conducted a charrette to inform the design-build process for our second Green home to be built in fall 2007. The charette identified the project goals for the second build in terms of building design, technologies, materials, energy use and site design. Our eventual goal is to build a zero energy home and we would like to ramp up to this by incorporating cutting edge green design and technologies.
CGBF has built a green cutting edge home in Columbus’ first green residential development, Greenview Estates – Nov. 5, 2007The project team, represented by Meera Parthasarathy and Kate Harkin, presented the project scope and goals at the US Green Building Council’s Greenbuild in Chicago on November 5, 2007. The project was one of seven in the afternoon’s charrette presentation and had a team of ten green residential experts from around the country brainstorming ideas for greening the CGBF project.