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CGBF Builds LEED-Home Pilot with Local High School

The LEED-Home project, a design-build partnership between CGBF and a local high school, broke ground in December 2008. The students in this program have previously built nine Habitat for Humanity homes.
The home was dedicated on Wednesday, May 20 2009. Later a residential expo included tours of the home and workshops on the various aspects of the project.

Media Coverage: NBC 4 visited our LEED Home site Friday, Jan. 12, 2009. They were doing a feature story about WKHS school students participating in the build. The program was broadcast on Wednesday Jan. 24th at 5 pm and Jan. 25th at noon.

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The City of Columbus Housing Division and CGBF financed this project project at 258 N. 21st St. The project is at a LEED Gold rating level. The project features include:

  • Over 1 KW of Photovoltaics with net metering (application for metering approved by AEP)
  • Rain garden that lets rainwater percolate into the ground and recharge the groundwater.
  • Landscaping with low maintenance turf and native plant species that require no irrigation.
  • Super insulated building envelope with 2×6 stud construction
  • Durable, moisture resistant construction
  • High efficiency HVAC equipment
  • EnergyStar fixtures & appliances
  • Green interior finishes including wood flooring, paint and carpet.
  • Low VOC adhesives and sealants.

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leed_front-view-found-001A front view of the foundation




Some of our team members