Events of 2010

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eQuest – Energy Modeling Workshop Series, February 23-26, 2010 (details)
Panel Discussion – Topic: Columbus Green Scene – Local Solutions to Global Climate Change
The Columbus Green Building Forum was represented on a panel discussion at OSU’s Department of Geography, Feb. 4, 2010, 5:00-7:00 P.M. at the Barrister Club

Questions to be discussed:

  • What green policies are being pushed by city, university, and non-profit leaders here in Columbus?
  • Where do local climate change mitigation initiatives overlap and where must we work to bridge the gap?Participating Panelists:
  • Becky Mansfield – Associate Professor, Department of Geography
  • Erin Miller – Environmental Steward, Get Green Columbus and Office of the Mayor of Columbuss
  • Meera Parthasarathy – Founder, Columbus Green Building Forumm
  • Christina Redman – Office of Energy Services and Sustainability, The Ohio State University
  • Marilyn Welker – Director, Simply Living

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Green Building School – (details)
LEED Certification Process, Green Rating System Overview & Local Building Code Update
– Wed., June 9th, 2010
Tour of Grange Insurance Audubon Center – June 9, 2010
Passive Solar Design for Homes – May 26th, 2010
Solar Energy Overview – May 26th, 2010

Green Home Retrofit for Energy Performance and Moisture Control
10am – 11:30am, Friday, October 15th, 2010
Grange Audubon Center, 505 W. Whittier St., Columbus, OH 43215

This workshop will inform the attendees on simple interventions that decrease the cost of space conditioning – heating and cooling. Increasing building tightness may reduce indoor air quality and so the presenter will discuss the importance of controlling air flow and assessing moisture conditions when insulating walls, basements and attics.

Presenter: Nathan Yost

Life Cycle Costing for Green Projects Webinar
11:30am – 1:00pm, Monday, October 25th, 2010

The webinar will walk the attendee through the convention for calculating Life Cycle Costs to evaluate the economic perfrmance of building investments through Present Value, adjusted Internal Rate of Return factors with an example of the LCC costs of competing HVAC systems.

Presenter: Robert Charrette

Daylight Modeling with Daysim
8am – 1pm, Friday, October 29th, 2010
International Room, OSU 4H Center, Building 191
2201 Fred Taylor Dr., Columbus, Ohio

This hands-on workshop requires attendees to bring their own laptop (and surge protector). The presenters will discuss the Daylighting parameters and to apply one of the foremost Daylight Modeling Tool in buildng design.

Presenters: Umesh Atre and Ratnalee Patil, Mike Niklaus & Associates

Integrating Daysim into eQuest

2pm – 4pm, Friday, October 29th, 2010
International Room, OSU 4H Center, Building 191
2201 Fred Taylor Dr., Columbus, Ohio

This hands-on workshop requires attendees to bring their own laptop (and surge protector). It is strongly recommended that attendees attend the morning session on Daysim, daylight modeling class or have prior knowledge of Daysim. eQuest is a foremost energy modeling tool that is used in most high performance green buildings and also LEED certified projects. The workshop will inform the attendee on how to transfer the data from Daysim modeling into eQuest to calculate Daylighting savings in the energy modeling.

Presenters: Umesh Atre and Ratnalee Patil, Mike Niklaus & Associates


On Sept. 28, CGBF was proud to bring Nationally Renowned Green Expert, Nadav Malin, to Columbus.

Topics covered:

• Selecting Green Materials and Products for Commercial and Residential Projects;
• The Life Cycle Impact or “Costs” of Building Materials
• Latest Developments in Building Materials and their Pros & Cons
• The Future Trend for Green Materials

About the Speaker

staff-nadav_malinNadav Malin is the building industry’s acknowledged go-to resource when you need thoughtful perspective on the materials and design solutions that define sustainable building practice.

As president of BuildingGreen, he oversees the company’s industry-leading information and community-building resources, including Environmental Building News, its sister publication GreenSpec, and the project certification help tool LEEDuser. He also lends his technical expertise and vision to McGraw-Hill Construction, serving as executive editor of the award-winning GreenSource magazine.

When the LEED rating system was just starting out, Nadav was tapped to lead its new Materials and Resources Technical Advisory Group, which he chaired throughout LEED’s formative years. A long-serving member of the national LEED Faculty, he is a sought-after speaker for USGBC, AIA, and CSI events, and as a consultant to architecture firms and government agencies alike.

Nadav led the team that created the U.S. Department of Energy’s High Performance Buildings Database, and continues to oversee BuildingGreen’s responsibility for ensuring the quality of case studies and collecting meaningful data on actual building performance.

When he is not facilitating a rich conversation among design professionals, he can often be found chasing a hockey puck or a soccer ball, depending on depending on the season.