Green Expo 2007 – Photos


Some fun green facts about the Green Building Expo 2007

Recycling at the Expo
Recycled paper and card stock was used for all of the printed materials. All the attendee handouts were printed on 100% recycled paper, the name badges were printed on 80% recycled card stock and posters/banner was printed on recyclable plain bond paper. Paper napkins were from recycled paper. Recycling bins were provided at the venue.

Green Catering
CGBF was able to influence the Athenaeum in exploring opportunities for organic food in the menu. Beverages were served in pitchers (no bottled drinks were provided). The Expo used only china and glassware for all food and beverage functions.

Wind Energy Offset
Wind energy was donated by Renewable Choice Energy to completely offset the Expo’s carbon footprint including attendee travel and energy usage during the day. The donation goes to avoiding 11,040 lbs of CO2 emitted through attendee travel and 1,474.16 kilowatt hours to power the conference – offsetting a total of 13,049.29 lbs of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Pedal Instead at the Expo!
Pedal Instead is a Get Green Columbus program that encourages people to bike to festivals and special events rather than drive their automobiles. Pedal Instead provided bicycle racks for two dozen bikes at the Expo.

The historic Columbus Athenaeum was once again the venue for the Green Building Expo. CGBF was able to highlight the effective re-use of a historic structure, located in the heart of Downtown, for a modern day based conference. Several bus lines and pedestrian walkways service the venue.


Mayor Rocky Anderson
delivered the keynote address

speech_mg_6019On a conservative estimate we had at least 500 people attending the Expo’s various sessions and walking through the tradeshow. In addition we had over 80 exhibits showcasing environmentally conscious solutions available in the market for greening projects. We thank our host, City of Columbus, partner organizations, speakers and all our participants in contributing to the success of the Expo!